The Scribal Arsenal is the ONLY online bookstore that provides educational resources on the office of the prophetic scribe, scribal prophets, prophetic writing and all things surrounding The Scribal Anointing! The purpose of this online store is to provide a single place for prophetic people to access resources to increase their understanding about the 21st century prophetic scribe and artisans.

The resources made available are primarily written by Theresa Harvard Johnson, M.Div., Biblical Studies, and MA Professional Writing Candidate at Liberty University.

Theresa is the founder of The School of the Scribe and originator of the teachings on The Scribal Anointing, a 21st revelation of the "office of the prophetic scribe." She is also the founder and overseer of The Scribal Conservatory Arts & Worship Center and has maintaned a blog on prophetic writing, the prophetic and ministry integrity for over 15 years at The Chamber of the Scribe. Theresa's teachings are not only revelatory, but deeply rooted in bringing biblical history and accurate theological understanding in these areas. Her pursuit in this season is to see Christ's triumph in and through His emerging scribal nation.