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Graphic Design & The Prophetic (Ebook)

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Ancient biblical writing did not begin with letters in an alphabet but with Hebrew symbols carved into precious metal and stone. Those skilled in such artistic mastery were not only experts in engraving, but also in the scribal arts. These masters would follow God’s unique pattern for inscribing His Word into the hearts of men for generations - identifying, marking, announcing and sealing His Holy Nation. They would also call those things God has promised into our remembrance under The Scribal Anointing as identified in Matthew 13:52. In this book, Graphic Design & the Prophetic: Foundations in The Scribal Anointing, emerging and professional, prophetic graphic designers will come to know why God has chosen and called them to connect, interpret, create, announce and release certain visual designs and design concepts in the earth. They will also learn that graphic design is a foundational gift operating from the office of the present-day scribe.


  • Series: Foundations of the Scribal Anointing
  • Language: English

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